Keep Your Classic Car’s Chrome Looking Good

If you have a classic car, then it's very likely that it has some sort of chrome trim. If your car is old enough, the chrome will actually be metal usually plated over steel or as an alloy. Without proper maintenance and care, this chrome can look shoddy over time. Whether you've had it restored to show condition or you just had it restored to make it look new again, you want to keep it looking good. Read More 

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Semi Truck

The idea of buying a used car or pickup is not at all foreign to most people and while it is a bigger purchase, buying a used semi truck so not be either. The search for the truck will be in different places than for a car, but working with a dealer to buy a used truck is not all that different. Consider the following when you start looking for a used Mack truck for your business. Read More