Top Reasons To Have A Contract With A Mobile Fleet Maintenance Company

Many large companies have fleet vehicles to help ensure that all transportation needs are met so day-to-day business can be accomplished. While there are many good things about having a fleet of vehicles, many companies struggle with the maintenance of these vehicles. One simple solution is to work with a mobile fleet maintenance company. There are a number of advantages to on-site mobile fleet maintenance, such as:

Time Savings

Depending on how many vehicles are in your company's fleet, you can end up spending a lot of money paying your employees to drive vehicles to an auto repair shop for regular maintenance. When you are contracted with a mobile fleet maintenance company, the mechanics will come to you and service all of the vehicles at the same time, and your employees won't be wasting a ton of time arranging to drop off vehicles and pick them up.

Longer Lasting Vehicles

Well-maintained vehicles tend to last longer with fewer problems and expensive repairs needed. A good mobile fleet maintenance company will ensure that all of the vehicles in your fleet are properly maintained and serviced according to the service schedule recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer. This helps ensure that the vehicles that your company leases or purchases will provide transportation for as long as you need them to do so.

Minimize Damage to Vehicles

When a vehicle is showing signs of a major problem, such as an overheating engine or a slipping transmission, even driving it to a local repair shop can potentially cause damage to major components of the vehicle. One of the great things about having a contract with a mobile fleet maintenance company is the fact that the mechanics can make repairs on-site so you don't have to take the risk of having to drive a vehicle that needs repair to an auto shop.

Easier to Manage

When you rely on employees to take fleet vehicles into an auto shop for regular recommended maintenance, you need to count on them to do so on time and then submit the paperwork showing the services performed. This method can make it very hard to keep track of what vehicles are up to date on maintenance and which ones are behind or are not being properly serviced. 

A mobile fleet maintenance company will ensure that all vehicles are serviced at the same time when they are on-site. This can eliminate a ton of paperwork and the need to individually audit the service records of each vehicle in your fleet.