What Can You Do To Clean Your Car The Green Way?

Being environmentally conscious does not mean your car has to be dirty. What it does mean is that you have to look for green options for cleaning your car. Fortunately for your car and the environment, there are various ways you can keep your car clean without harming the environment. Here are some tips to help you take care of your car the green way.  

  1. Look for certified green products. Green products are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Most of the products are labeled, but if you have trouble finding them, look for items that are phosphate-free and non-toxic.  

  2. Collect rainwater. Rainwater can be used during the wash stage since it is combined with cleaners. You can switch to water supply water for the rinse stage if you are concerned with streaking.  

  3. Use a spray handle. You can limit the stream of water that flows from your garden hose with the help of a spray handle. The attachment not only slows the flow of water, but it gives you greater control over where the water is used.  

  4. Wash the car on grass. As you wash the car, the dirty water pools up on the ground. If you wash it on the grass, the contaminants from the water will be filtered out by the grass before it reaches the soil.  

  5. Opt for reusable cloths. Disposable cloths are more likely to end up in the landfills and not the recycling bin. To make sure you are not adding to the waste, switch to reusable cloths that you can wash and use again the next time you wash your car.  

  6. Wash at a cool time of day. If you wash your car on a hot day, the water on it will dry up quickly and you could be forced to use more to finish the job. However, if you wash at a cooler time of day, you can avoid this problem and conserve water.  

  7. Investigate bad odors. If there is a foul smell in your car, using an air freshener will not clear up the problem. Worse yet, you are exposing yourself to chemicals from the freshener. If there is a foul smell in the air, take the time to thoroughly inspect the interior to locate and eradicate the source.  

Many auto detailers offer green services for customers. To save on time and effort, explore the green car washing services in your area.