Keep Your Classic Car’s Chrome Looking Good

If you have a classic car, then it's very likely that it has some sort of chrome trim. If your car is old enough, the chrome will actually be metal usually plated over steel or as an alloy. Without proper maintenance and care, this chrome can look shoddy over time. Whether you've had it restored to show condition or you just had it restored to make it look new again, you want to keep it looking good.

Wash your car regularly:

The best way to wash your classic car is by hand with gentle wash mitts and very soft towels. Don't use the standard terrycloth towels and sponges as they can be harsh and leave scratches and swirl marks. Use only mild soap or soap specifically designed for chrome. Lint-free and microfiber towels are excellent not only for chrome but for the rest of the car as well.

Clean bugs and debris as soon as possible:

The longer you let dead bugs and debris stay on your chrome, the more likely they are to cause damage and be difficult to remove. It's important to clean them off on a regular basis, especially after a long trip or after a storm. If you do this regularly, then you shouldn't need anything more than a soft rag and soap to get them off. However, if the bugs and debris have been stuck there a while, then you may need the assistance of a bug and tar remover. Just make sure it's OK to use with chrome.

Fix rust spots and polish:

Sooner or later, you will get some scratches and rust spots on your chrome and will need to remove them. Often, this requires using things like extremely fine 0000 steel wool to polish them off. Many people have said they have had good results with a combination of cola and aluminum foil. However, be careful with following these remedies as you risk scratching the chrome and creating dull spots which may not be able to be polished out. You may want to contact a professional before attempting to fix this yourself. Large rust spots and flaking are something only an expert should tackle.

The look of shiny chrome on a newly restored car is something which you want to preserve for years. It's fairly easy to care for, but it's important to be diligent and use the right materials. Another thing you should also do is protect your vehicle from extreme weather or heat as these could also affect how the chrome looks. If you have a classic car and you haven't taken the steps to restore it to a like-new condition, then contact an expert in car restoration for more advice. A company like Graveyard Run Restorations can be a great resource.